Comenius Project



The project “H4Y” (Health for Youth) began two years ago in 2013. Starting from the idea of healthy food we developed different themes concerning numerous aspects related to this topic, from the most technical to the most social ones. The project was carried out by Ettore Majorana Institute in San Lazzaro di Savena in collaboration with different foreign schools and so we worked at an international level. Many students who participated to this initiative had the great opportunity to go abroad on school trips in places like Turkey, the Czech Republic and Poland with a possibility to strengthen their knowledge, not only in the English language context, but also at a general level. They came into contact with local cultures and habits.
However, also the other students that didn’t have the opportunity to go abroad benefited from this hard work, they acquired useful tools for planning and organizing tasks and activities. Morevoer, this experience has enriched our cultural background.
So it is with great pride and pleasure that we want to tell you about our experience. Therefore we prepared this e-book which contains all the materials we collected during the project in the hope that this experience will involve you as much as it involved us.